Brad Stewart - with permission.

Brad Stewart - with permission.

The Meanings of Mindfulness

Mindfulness refers to a state of being fully present in the present moment, with acceptance and without judgement. Mindfulness is ubiquitous – a natural part of being human – that has been cultivated and practiced for over 2600 years in various traditions around the world. Scientific studies have demonstrated mindfulness practice to benefit a variety of psychological and physical conditions, as well as to have measurable positive effects on the brain. Due to its benefits, mindfulness is increasingly being integrated into Education, Medicine, and the Workplace.

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What We Offer

Since 2010, The Mindfulness (based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) has been dedicated to bringing mindfulness to those in our community and beyond, by providing news and resources on the practice and benefits mindfulness, and by meeting the highest standards for mindfulness training. For more information, see About Us.

We have taught over 2000 students, educators, healthcare and other professionals, helping to foster increased creativity, productivity, and joy in their personal and professional lives. See Our Programs for more information on our seminars, trainings, and customized workshops.

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