What People Say

The following are from people who have taken our programs. 

Program Feedback

Through this program I have experienced decreased anxiety and stress, and improved energy, mood, and general wellbeing. I have also developed increased awareness of myself, and improved interpersonal interactions.
I found this program to be an innovative approach to the treatment of many side effects—wonderful!
My immediate response (to my accident) would have been sorrow and sadness before. I am now able to accept this as what it is. I do look forward to attending another course as soon as my health allows for it, but now I am practicing daily mindfulness in my journey.
This program has helped me in almost every area of my life; I am so thankful for having the opportunity to take this course!
This program is exceptional; I highly recommend it!
I am most grateful for the wonderful experience I had in May and June with Dr. Phillips and other professionals which further enhanced my personal mindfulness practice and has certainly contributed to me being able to be present with my pain and life circumstance at present.
A wonderful course, taught with generosity of spirit.

Regarding Our Instructors

Newsletter Feedback

Very insightful, knowledgeable and respectful, with ability to communicate clearly and concisely.
I appreciate this newsletter and the encouragement I found from it as well as the wonderful links to other websites and reading.