From OUr MBSR Graduates

“Amazing! I gained so much more than I expected. I have already recommended this course to anybody and everybody that will listen...friends, family, students. It’s the best thing I’ve learned!!” (Andrea R.)

“It’s an incredibly valuable investment in oneself. I believe I will continue to build on what I learned in this class for the rest of my life.” (E.D.)

“Extremely valuable for personal & professional growth.” (C.S.)

“Learning mindfulness in a group setting is quite beneficial. The materials are excellent & the teachers are knowledgeable & obviously practice mindfulness regularly themselves! I felt cared for & safe in this environment.” (Janine B.)

“I was initially a big skeptic, but I have seen immense benefits.” (Anon)

“I have read many self-improvement/self-help books and taken a number of courses and what I like about this course is that it was emphasized that each individual would have their own experience. That there wasn't an author's or presenter's preconceived idea or personal experience imposed on the participants and that we were going through a personal journey. No right or wrong way.” (T.P.). 

“A wonderful course, taught with generosity of spirit.” (Anon)

Regarding Our Instructors

“Priscilla and Hannah have a calming presence and a graceful way of delivering the material. I really enjoyed my journey.” (T.P.)

“Hannah & Priscilla make a good team!” (A.K.F.)

“I am most grateful for the wonderful experience I had in May and June with Dr. Phillips and other professionals which further enhanced my personal mindfulness practice and has certainly contributed to me being able to be present with my pain and life circumstance at present.” (Anon)

See instructor bios for more testimonials.

Newsletter Feedback

“I appreciate this newsletter and the encouragement I found from it as well as the wonderful links to other websites and reading.” (Anon)